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  • Admission Currently Going On
  • Classes Are Schudeled On Personal Convinience[Morning,Afternoon,Evening]
  • Start Of Academic Year On The 5th Of October 2018
  • New Foreign Language Inplemented at ILANI

About ILANI.

The Institute of Languages for International Integration (ILANI) was created in September 2006 and on March 1, 2007 she was registered as a Common Initiative Group (CIG) under the Ministry of Agriculture with No SW/GP/30/07/5791. In July 28, 2009 she became by Ministerial Order No 0148/MINEFOP/SG/DFOP/SDGSF/SACD a Vocational Training Center (VTC). Due to her unbeatable competence in language tuition, she received another acreditation by Ministerial Decree No 318/MINEFOP/SG/DFOP/SDGSF/CSACD on August 1st 2014 from the Ministry of Employment and Vocational training in Cameroon


It is often said “learning without playing makes jack a doll boy”.Thus, ILANI associates sport with academics by organising matches with teams formed of students from the different departments. This is one of the ways we use not only in socialising but also in communicating through the various languages taught.

Youth Week

As an outstanding institute, during this period we organise matches, excursions. we also prepare students for match pass and many other cultural activities.

Students Forum

Students run an ILANI club which is a forum of exchange through a Whatsapp group, facebook group, instagram group etc…

Foreign Students

We have several students coming from out of Cameroon to study languages in our institute. We have for instance students from Equatorial Guinea,Tchad,Korea,Niger, Gabon, Sudan etc..

Graduation Ceremony

At the end of every academic year, we organise a graduation ceremony for the handing of prizes and certificates to the best and meritorious students.

Site Visite

Every year, students and staff go out of the usual teaching/learning setting for site visite, with the goal of revisiting notions taught in the various languages in a very relaxed mood.